Service for Student
 UPH Academic System    UPH Learning Management System   UPH Staff Personal Account
  • Enrollment Process
  • Add/Drop
  • Class Scheduling
  • Exam Scheduling
  • Grading/Assessment
  • Student Advisement
  • Access Courses
  • Add Assignment & Forum Discussion
  • Student’s Grade for Quiz
  • See student’s grade
  • Submitting Tasks
  • Get daily materials
  • UPH Mail and Contact
  • 1 TB File Storage and Sharing
  • Online version of Office
  • Fully installed Office Application
  • Unlimited Instant Message 
  • Skype for Business

>> OPCS (Oracle Peoplesoft Campus Solutions)

      User ID : student number (0000000xxxx) Example : 00000123456

      Password : (ddmmyyyy) Example : 28011996

>> Microsoft Office 365

      User ID : (1stcharacter of firstname )(1stcharacter of lastname )(4 last digits of NPM)

       Password : (ddmmyyyy) Example : 28011996 (temporary password)


       Name : Andy Surya Darmawan

       NPM : 01120160001 User ID :

>>  UPH Learning Management System (MOODLE)

       User ID : z(NPM) Example : z01120160001

       Password : [YYYY-MM-DD][5 Last Character of Lastname (Proper Case)] Example : 1996-01-28Mawan

Free WiFi Access

Enjoy the unlimited WiFi anytime and anywhere in the campus area. You have to do the authentication in the login page WiFi UPH before you can access the internet. How to connect to WiFi?
a. Make sure you are already connected to official WiFi UPH Surabaya: “UPH-Tokyo”./ "UPH-Zurich",/ "UPH-Newyork",/ "SIMGE-UPH" 
b. insert the password Wifi signal Access
d. Press Connect
e. After Login, you can enjoy UPH Wireless Internet Access. If you have login problem, please contact ITD Service Desk at Tokyo Tower 5th floor and bring your smart card.


Wired Access Connection
Wired connection is provided only for staff, lecturers, and computer lab to access intranet system and internet. New wired connection request must followed this step :

a. Submit office layout to Service Desk

b. Cabling will be provided within 5 working days (minimum)